Whistler Summer Fun

Ziptrec Ecotours – Ziptrec Ecotours begin in the summer of 2002. Ziptrec suspends cables 2000 feet long and 15 stories high across some of the greatest scenery of Whistler.  You strap on a safety harness, walk off the plank and enjoy a thrilling, breathtaking adventure that go up to 50 mph. The zipline allows you to enjoy the beauty that the scenery while you effortlessly glide through a 2000 feet long scenic view.

Not only does the Whistler Ziptrec offer the ability to have fun and excitement this is also a great educational experience for anyone wanting to learn more about Whistler.

Whistler Jet Boating – Experience the fun of riding in a secured boat traveling at fast as a car on the Upper Lillooet Lake of Whistler resort. You’ll enter large rapids so get ready to get wet, you’ll enjoy the spectacular glacier peaks and traditional native fishing camps. You’ll witness amazing scenery and enjoy the thrill of going at super speeds but you’ll be safe inside a caged Jet Boat that seats over 10 people comfortably.

Whistler ATV Tours – This is a tour that one must experience, you’ll travel through some of Whistler’s most remote places hidden to most people who have never experienced the Whistler ATV tours. You’ll travel deep into the forest and witness astounding views of the valley and village below.

You’ll be accompanied by an experienced tour guide who’ll take you and your group to remote locations and give you a history and providing interesting stories for each area you visit. It’s great experience for all ages.

Whistler Golfing – The Whistler Golfing experience provides exceptional scenery. There are 3 locations for you to enjoy your golfing experience

Fairmount Chateau Whistler Golf Club – This eighteen hole, par 72 golf course, designed by Robert Jones Jr. a world renowned golf course designer, this golf course provides exceptional scenery along with challenging hill to challenge your golf game.

Nicklaus North Golf Course – This is a golf course named after and designed by Jack Nicklaus the record holder for most PGA tours won, this is a eighteen hole par 71 golf course that sits at the base of Whistler, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and luxury homes.

Whistler Golf Club – This golf course has been designed by Arnold Palmer, this is one of the favorite of locals and golf enthusiast this is a par 72 eighteen hole golf course. This golf course has nine lakes and two winding creeks and rolling greens.

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